Washington woman charged in newborn's decapitation


A Washington state woman who told detectives she used a jagged kitchen knife to cut off her ahead of time born baby's head was charged Thursday in the death and decapitation, establishment said.

Laura Lynn Hickey of Centralia is quote in court papers as saying she didn't think the baby would live and didn't want him to undergo, court papers said. Police said the body was found March 2 in a artificial urn under the kitchen sink in the 25-year-old's home, about 70 miles south of Seattle.

Hickey told Washington detectives she didn't want anyone, chiefly her mother, to be familiar with she had the newborn. She said she knew for a even as that she was hopeful, but wasn't in no doubt for how long when she urbanized stern cramps and gave birth on a bathroom toilet.

Hickey said she grabbed the newborn out of the lavatory and "saw that he was annoying to take a breath and hear a 'gurgling' sound," according to court papers. later than cutting the newborn's head off, she named him Caleb Jacob Hickey, Lewis County prosecutor Jonathan Meyer said in court papers.

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