Libya revolt: UK and France seek to up Gaddafi pressure
The UK and France have sought to slope up the pressure on Col Gaddafi in front of Friday's EU peak, saying the Libyan head has "lost any legality".

Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy called for an instantaneous halt to aggression in opposition to civilians and for the government to leave.

Excluding they made comprehensible any foreign action within Libya, as well as a no-fly zone, would take place only if it was legal and got wide global carry.

Fierce fights keep on in the country.

EU leaders will meet to converse the catastrophe in Brussels as pro-Gaddafi forces are wresting back control of territory previously held by the opposition subsequent a major military hateful.
'Waging war'

The UK has accused the Gaddafi regime of "waging war in opposition to their own people", by aircraft and helicopters to get bigger attacks.

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