Rebels retreat from Libyan oil port amid barrage
Libya – With violent bombardments of tank and artillery fire, Moammar Gadhafi's loyalists throw rebel into a frantic retreat from a tactical oil port Thursday in a counterattack that reversed the opposition's go forward toward the assets of Tripoli and now threatens its positions in the east.

The tumult came as the U.S. director of national cleverness stressed that Gadhafi's military was stronger than it has been explained and said that "in the longer term ... the government will prevail." President Barack Obama has called on Gadhafi to step down, and the White House later distance Obama from the director's evaluation.

Hundreds of rebels in cars and trucks increased with machine guns sped eastward on the Mediterranean coastal road in a apparently confused flight from Ras Lanouf as an overwhelming force of rockets and shells broken up a hospital, mosque and other buildings in the oil complex. Doctors and team at the infirmary were hastily evacuated along with wounded from war from the past week.

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