[Lights of India] Looking for someone


Looking for someone

Sometimes I walk the streets looking for contemporary
Whether they are foreigners, be they buddies or fellows
But they have peculiar subtleties
Which are expressed in their attitudes, their desires
And that, among many, have some of these beauties
An eye who likes art
For the wealth of imagination to be found anywhere
One ear to enjoy the music of the birds
For the symphony is always a delightful natural shelter
A mind that is delight in a poem
To be able to see the world engineered by another scheme
A body that enjoy the tranquility of parks
For them there is another dimension, where there is a charming boarding gate
A heart that fires when the sun goes down and fire when the moon appears
For natural phenomena, the human essence has always praises
Sometimes the company just introduced me luck
In inexpressible meetings, lush gibberish
This has happened in several places
In distant lands, in different languages, in different homes
But in most cases, the search does not lead to any discovery
Then again they think, so maybe this claim is exalted as a poet
To manifest the heady expectations that this passionate soul, on a whim.

Love from Brazil,


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