US, Asian allies urge China to rein in NKorea
The United States, South Korea and Japan on Monday all urged China to assist rein in its ally North Korea and vowed harmony in defensive Seoul from any additional attacks from the North.

Though, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her counterpart Kim Sung-Hwan of South Korea and Seiji Maehara of Japan, who met in Washington, were indistinct about how they would deal with North Korea's "belligerent" actions.

The three-way meeting comes after North Korea shelled a South Korean margin island on November 23, killing two marines and two civilians, and following it revealed a uranium enhancement program that worried US scientists.

Kim, the South Korean foreign minister who spoke through an predictor, said the three shared the view that the Stalinist state in Pyongyang would face "severe consequences" if it engage in further provocation.

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