Iran announces nuclear breakthrough on eve of talks
As diplomats began inward in Geneva ahead of long-awaited talks to make your mind up the standoff over Iran’s nuclear ambitions, the head of Tehran’s nuclear agenda on Sunday upped the ante, claiming a get through that could make the Islamic Republic self-sufficient in the production of uranium.

In his announcement, probably aimed at bolster Tehran's bargaining position at the talks, Iranian Atomic Energy Organization head Ali Akbar Salehi said his nation had achieved the ability to construct its own yellowcake, uranium powder that is used in the succession of creating nuclear fuel. By means of using ore mined in southern Iran, he said, the nation would no longer need imported uranium.

"The enemies and ill-wishers have always tried to create misery and displeasure in the middle of our youth, academicians, engineers and our nation, but today we witness the release of the first batch of yellowcake which is wrought inside the country," Salehi said at a news gathering show on state television.

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