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What started in New York City in mid September, a call to "flood lower Manhattan, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street," has continued to feed similar groups around the United States and the world taking up the name and cause. Groups have gathered to bring attention to many issues, with a central focus on the economic hardships and inequality they say many Americans face. -- Lloyd Young

Occupy Boston demonstrators block an entrance to the Federal Reserve Bank behind a police line in Boston Oct. 8. (Michael Dwyer/Associated Press)

A protester affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street protests stands with a U.S. dollar bill taped over his mouth in Zuccotti Park, New York Oct. 10. (Andrew Burton/Associated Press) 

A man signs a huge banner during Occupy DC anti-corporations protest at Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC Oct. 10. A four-day protest in Washington to reclaim American politics for the people went into overtime, its participants vowing to stay put despite the expiry of their permit. The Stop the Machine occupation of Freedom Plaza is one of two ongoing protests in the capital, alongside the like-minded but more youthful Occupy DC sit-in, now in its 10th day. Occupy DC, inspired by the much bigger Occupy Wall Street movement in New York, meanwhile, continued to draw several dozen people every day to McPherson Square, in the shadows of big lobbying firms. (Jewwl Samad/AFP/Getty Images) 

Police arrest demonstrators affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement after they attempted to cross the Brooklyn Bridge on the motorway on Oct. 1. This portion of the bridge is not intended for pedestrians and as the marchers attempted to cross, they were stopped midway by police. Hundreds were arrested. (Mario Tama/Getty Images) 

Protesters affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement rally in Foley Square before marching though Lower Manhattan on Oct. 5 in New York. Hundreds of activists affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations have been living in a park in the Financial District near Wall Street. The activists have been gradually converging on the financial district over the past two weeks to rally against the influence of corporate money in politics among a host of other issues. Over 700 people were arrested last weekend on the Brooklyn Bridge after temporarily blocking traffic. (Mario Tama/Getty Images) 

Protesters affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement are reflected in a stock ticket screen as they march though Lower Manhattan on Oct. 5. Thousands of protesters including union members and college students from an organized walkout joined the rally and march. (Mario Tama/Getty Images) 

Protesters affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement rally in Lower Manhattan on Oct. 5. (Mario Tama/Getty Images) 

About one thousand people gather and form a large "99%" in the middle of Freedom Plaza during an occupation of the plaza Oct. 6 in Washington, DC. Inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement that began last month in New York, large and small occupations have sprung up in cities across the country. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)



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