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Many Virtues Of Surah Yaseen Are Mention In The Ahaadith
Rasool Allah Sallalahu Alaihe Wassalam Said

" Everything Has A Heart,
The Heart Of The Qur'an is Surah Ya'seen.
Whoever Reads Surah Ya'seen (once),
Allah Ta'aala Records For Him Reward Equal To That Of Reading The Whole Qur'an Ten Times." 
(Tirmizi, Daarimi) 

it is Related From Hazrat Ata Bin Abi Ribah(R.A)

That Rasool Allah Sallalahu Alaihe Wassalam Said :-

" Whoever Reads Surah Ya'seen in The Beginning Of The Day,
All His Needs For
That Day Will Be Fulfilled ."

According To Another Hadith,
Allah Ta'aala Rec
ited Surah Ya'seen And Surah Taha 1000 Years Before The Creation Of The Heavens & The Earth , And On Hearing This, The Angels Said :
" Blessing is For That Ummat Unto Whom The Qur'an Will Be Sent Down, Blessing is For The Hearts Which Will Bear (memorize it) And Blessing is For The Tong
ues Which Will Recite it."

Another Narration Says : Whoever Reads Surah Ya'seen For The Pleasure Of Allah Only,
All His Previous Sins Are Forgiven.
Therefore, Make A Practice Of Reading This Surah Over Your Dead."

According To Another Hadith ,
 Surah Ya'seen is Named in The Torah As Mun'mah ('giver of good things') Because it Contains Benefits For its Readers in This Life As Well As in The Hereafter, it Removes From Him The Afflictions Of This World And The Next And Takes Away The Dread Of The Next Life. This Surah is Also Known As "Rafi'ah Khafidah"
(that which exalts the status of the believers and degrades that of the unbelievers).
To A Narration,
Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihe Wassalam Said :

" My Heart Desires That Surah Ya'seen Should Be Present in The Heart Of Everyone Of My Ummat." 

Another Hadith Relates That if Anybody R
ecites Surah Ya'seen Every Night And Then Dies, He Dies As A Shaheed (martyr).

It is Reported in A Hadith That :
" Whoever Reads it in Hunger,
Will Be Satisfied ;
Whoever Reads it While Having Lost His Way, Will Find His Way ;
Whoever Reads it On Losing An Animal,
Will Find The Same.
And When One Reads it Apprehending That His Food Will Run Short,
That F
ood Will Become Sufficient ;
 And if One Reads it Beside A Person Who is in The Agonies Of Death,
His Agonies Will Be Made Easy For Him;
And if Anyone Reads it On A Women Experiencing Difficulty in child-birth,
Her Delivery Will Become Easy."

Rasool Allah Sallalahu Alaihe Wassalam Said :
" The Person Who Reads Surah Y
a'seen Every Night, (he) Will Be Pardoned."

Hazrat Maqri (RA) Said :
" If Surah Ya'seen is Read By One Who Fears The Ruler Or An Enemy, Will Have His Fears Removed." 

Therefore, in The Light Of The Above Ahaadit
h, Every Believing Muslim Should Attempt To Read The Heart Of The Qur'an Every Night
(or,Atleast frequently) And it Has Been Said That it Should Be Recited Any Time Between Maghrib & Bedtime.
Insha-Allah, Allah Ta'aala Will Reward The Reciter in Abundance Both in This World And The Hereafter.
 Morover, With The Approach Of Ramadhan
For Those
Of Us Who May Not Be Able To Recite The Entire Qur'an,
One May Keep in Mind The Hadith in Tirmidhi That,
 " Whoever Reads The Heart Of T
he Qur'an - 'Ya'seen' in Ramadhan Will Receive The Thawaab Of Reading 10 Qur'ans.
Allah Knows The Best

Remembr Me In Ur DUA
Mrs Rubina Yasmeen

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