[Lights of India] Memory


Luis Felipe Noé. La Memoria. (2006) Técnica mixta con base acrílico s/tela - 90 x 90 cm

It came with the package, compulsory.
Sometimes glory, other scum.
Fluctuating and unpredictable as if to create your own history.
One day, tired.
I was disgusted with the memory, because I didn't want to remember what, I stole ideas and experiences you want to remember, and when really needed, had the habit of hiding in some obscure hiding place where it was impossible to find, while sometimes appeared compulsive when his presence wasn't welcome, nor desired.
Finally, make an appointment.
I had to schedule time, because she is always busy, or storing or reporting. 
Finally, I received, as his ruthless nature.
I told him my disappointment and frustration with the treatment she paid me and said, so it was impossible to form a partnership with them.
I waited for an answer, but she looked at me with pride, made ​​a figure of contempt, turned and left without make no comment.
And as he departed, I thought, I have to write all that I still have, before she departs completely.
So I started.
Got what?
What I wanted to write?
I don't think it was important because I cannot remember!
When the memory part, segregates its absence in the black hole's existence or non existence would be.


With great friendship,


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