[Lights of India] Early Days Of Scuba Diving


Underwater follies

Take a trip back in time with vintage shots of fun-loving divers, some of whom are outfitted in pretty crazy looking suits and all are plunging into the watery depths of the sea. During the film production of Walt Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the communications chief takes a nap. (Peter Stackpole/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)

Donut hole

Nowadays, when one thinks of scuba diving, shimmering blue waters or rainbow-esque reefs may come to mind. But it wasn't always like that. Long before wet suits and air tanks, underwater chambers like this diving bell allowed underwater exploration. (Imagno/Getty Images)


US Navy Salvage School, 1955

Deep sea diving was often part of the US Navy training. (Al Barry/Getty Images)


High risk occupation

Other individuals not in the Navy also made a living deep-sea diving, although insurance companies would not issue life or accident insurance policies to those adventurers. (Evans/Getty Images)


Getting her relaxing photograph..

A woman strikes a pose for an underwater camera. (Keystone/Getty Images)



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