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Conditional love

The perception of conditional love and unconditional application and experience for humanity is a major cause of segregation, alienation and slights that exist between people and peoples.

Although most people do not think about the subject, it is an undeniable reality and easily verifiable, it is distinct from the fact that the patriot who loves his country but dislike another country "enemy", the religion that values ​​the devotee who is faithful and unquestionably follow his teachings, but excommunicates or slander the followers of other faiths, the mother who caresses and supports their descendants, but can curse upon the children of others, the spouse who accepts the limitations of your partner, but criticizes or vilifies the same other features, the friend who closes his eyes to certain weaknesses of his friends, but eagerly disregard the same faults in others, a passion for a football team is also generating an intense dislike for all teams, among many other examples .

This partiality, or conditionality, is responsible for creating boundaries between countries, walls between religions, societies and groups from disparities between people.

However, it is an indisputable fact that although the majority of human beings living under the portents of this fact when they are asked about the possibility of changing this conditionality, almost all strongly people respond to the daily life would be more prosperous, enjoyable and harmonious if this happened in humanity.

Therefore, it is possible to infer, or aspire to, that one day humanity can live on a planet lasts a premises which symbolize the sky where there are no boundaries between the galaxies and even police asking passports to visit other stars. Where respect, veneration and admiration that every being is its own religion are widely extended to the devotees of other dogmas. Where understanding, tolerance and support for parents or spouses give each other are lovingly shared with strangers or people who live elsewhere. Where the admiration and affection that fans invest in their teams or athletes are the basis of perception to understand the behavior of fans of other teams, inter alia.

So when this happens, we will flourish by destroying policies that approximate boundaries, dogmas that educate the claim that all paths lead to one source, values ​​that harmonize when people learn to accept differences, and ultimately behaviors that bind upon awakening in the heart of each individual empathy that makes him, albeit in a limited, some of the other person who is before him.

So, that life is a path adorned by removing the constraints, the extent of tolerance and understanding and a sharing of endless love.

With unconditional love,
Dora Saunier


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