Obama visits his hometown to restart money chase


President Barack Obama restarted his alarming fundraising operation Thursday with a confront to supporters that the 2012 presidential crusade will be concerning how to fix the country's money problems with no doing harm to "the America we think in."

"We are going to be gifted to present a very clear option to the American people," the president told Chicago hometown supporters in his first fundraisers since formally proclaiming his re-election last week. "We can get our economic house in order, but we can do it in a way that is dependable with our values and who we are as a people. Or we can make a decision to shrink our vision of what America is. And I don't consider in shrinking America."

Bracing for a fight next to re-energized Republicans determined to deny him a second term, the president required Thursday to reanimate supporters who sweep him into the White House in 2008 on promises of change — counting liberals let down at his compromises with the GOP.