More disciplined Libyan opposition force emerging
Amazing new has come into view at the Libyan front: a semblance of order in the middle of rebel forces. Rebels with no training from time to time even without weapons — have rushed in and out of hostility in a free-for-all for weeks, frequently getting trounced by Moammar Gadhafi's more a great deal armed forces.

Other than on Friday only previous military officers and the lightly trained volunteers serving under them were allowable on the front lines. Some were recent arrivals, hoping to rally in opposition to forces loyal to the Libyan leader who have hard-pressed rebels back regarding 100 miles (160 kilometers) this week.

The better controlled fighters, unlike some of their predecessors, can tell the differentiation between incoming and outgoing fire. They know how to avoid sticking to the roads, a weak point in the untrained forces that Gadhafi's troops have broken. And they identify how to take orders.

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