Libyan rebels advance on strategic oil town
Libyan rebels pressed into the planned oil town of Brega on Monday but came under fire from Moammar Gadhafi's forces, as a government representative began a political push in Europe to talk about an end to the hostility.

Brega has been the site of battles through weeks of back-and-forth battling the length of Libya's eastern coast. On Monday, rebels controlled much of the city even though there were bursts of weaponry and shelling from Gadhafi's forces.

"We're press forward. By today we'll have full control of Brega," said Salam Idrisi, 42, a dissenter fighter. "We're better thought-out now, and that's played a big role."

A messenger of Gadhafi told Greece's prime minister Sunday that the Libyan leader was seeking a way out of his country's crisis two weeks after his government's attacks to put down a revolt drew global airstrikes, Greek officials said.

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