Snipers, shells, tanks terrorize key Libyan city
Moammar Gadhafi's snipers and tanks are frightening civilians in the coastal city of Misrata, a tenant said, and the U.S. armed warn Tuesday it was "considering all options" in answer to dire situation there that have left people cowering in dark homes and parasitical for food and rainwater.

The U.S. is days absent from turning over organize of the air attack on Libya to other countries, President Barack Obama said. Presently how that will be gifted remains in quarrel: Obama spoke Tuesday with British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy in anticipates of quickly resolve the fall out over the transition.

"When this evolution takes place, it is not going to be our planes that are maintaining the no-fly region. It is not going to be our ships that are necessarily enforce the arms embargo. That's correctly what the other nations are going away to do," the president said at a news seminar in El Salvador as he neared the end of a Latin American trip overshadow by events in Libya.

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