Strikes in Egypt add to pressure from protests
Thousands of employees went on smack Wednesday crossways Egypt, adding a new length to the rebellion as public rage twisted to the vast riches President Hosni Mubarak's family allegedly amassed while close to half the country resisted near the shortage line.

Remonstrations calling for Mubarak’s ouster have been scattering since Tuesday outside of Cairo's Tahrir Square, where campaigners have been determined for the past two weeks. On Wednesday, protesters also gathered at upper house, the Cabinet and the Health Ministry buildings, all a few blocks from the open area, and blocked Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq from his office.

Strikes exploded in a width of sectors — in the middle of railway and bus workers, state electrical energy staff and repair technicians at the Suez Canal, in factories developed textiles, steel and beverages and at smallest amount one hospital.

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