Pro-Gadhafi forces fight rebels in 2 cities
International force on Moammar Gadhafi to end a crackdown on adversaries escalate Monday as his loyalists fought rebels holding the two cities neighboring to the assets and his warplanes bombed an bullets storehouse in the east. The U.S. enthused marine and air forces closer to Libya and said all options were open, counting patrols of the North African nation's skies to defend its citizens from their ruler.

France said it would wing aid to the opposition-controlled eastern half of the country. The European Union forced an arms restriction and other sanctions, subsequent the guide of the U.S. and the U.N. The EU was also bearing in mind the creation of a no-fly zone over Libya. Plus the U.S. and Europe were freezing billions in Libya's foreign possessions.

"Gadhafi has lost the legality to govern, and it is time for him to go without more hostility or delay," U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said. "No option is off the table. That of track includes a no-fly zone," she added. British Prime Minister David Cameron told lawmakers: "We do not in any way rule out the use of martial possessions" to deal with Gadhafi's regime.

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